Sparks Childrens Charity

Im raising money for a charity that help children to be born, and stay, healthy. I’m very lucky that I have 2 healthy children, others are not so lucky.

Sparks breakthroughs have helped thousands of children who only a few years ago may not have survived, let alone grow up to enjoy school, playing with their friends and sharing the simple joys most of us take for granted.

Their research benefits pregnant mothers with conditions such as pre-eclampsia, which can prove fatal for both mother and baby.  Their research takes on conditions that affect babies pre-birth to diseases and illnesses that can develop with a devastating, and sometimes fatal, impact in the early years of life, like cancer and meningitis.  Their research also helps families cope with the stress and social exclusion that can be the legacy of conditions such as childhood arthritis, cerebral palsy and cleft lip and palate.  And, of course, the money Sparks raises helps the dedicated doctors and researchers at the sharp end, whether they are searching for cures in the laboratory or developing improved care at the bedside.

Sparks is a UK charity, with a global impact.  The research we fund benefits children and families in the Third World as well as the developed one.  And in terms of race, sex or economic status, Sparks and the doctors and researchers who rely on us know no boundaries.


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