8 days to go….tasting success!

Food is never far from my mind.

I will be eating one meal and pretty much be planning the next one. I love great food,
fabulous ingredients that are cooked well – I love cooking and I love eating.

I am a healthy size 12 and I eat a balanced diet most the time and I absolutely don’t diet. That’s not because I have never needed to, its because I like eating too much and frankly I would rather run another 6 miler to burn off the food I’ve consumed than deprive myself in the first place. Nicole, fellow Kilimanjaro
trekker and Sparks representative, and I were having this very conversation over coffee earlier in the week, one of the predominant reasons we both exercise is so that we can remain slim whilst eating whatever we like.

On one of our first dates, my ex-husband took me for a meal out at a plush local restaurant. He
had finished eating his meal and was watching me finish mine. Infact he kept looking at me….staring even….when I asked what he was looking at – he replied that his Mum and his previous girlfriend always let him finish their meals as they had small appetites……I laughed, boy he had a shock coming if that’s what
he was used to! (Incidently, I also like to point out that he also said I was the only girl he’d ever gone out with that didn’t have a moustache……looking at the people he’s dated after me, I reckon I still hold that title too 😉 )

So, yesterday I went to the local supermarket to buy snacks. I needed to buy a full range of foods
that would motivate me to keep going up the mountain, deliver energy, take away the dusty taste from my mouth, replace the salts I’m sweating out and potentially replace any rough meals I might be served. Nicole reported that the evening meals were excellent last time she trekked, but the pack lunches were a bit ropey – so I need to be prepared!

I will be on the mountain for 6 days. I think I may have overdone it….what do you reckon?!

I have a sweet tooth and to be honest if anything is going to motivate me up a mountain in those final stages, its likely to be edible.

About sarknight

Director of a regional recruitment agency and passionate about my industry, local business and my work. Mother to 2 amazing children who inspire me on a daily basis to not only aim high, but to enjoy the little things in life too. I have a 'yes man' attitude to life and adventures, I love life and try to make the most of every moment and encourage others to do the same. I like to think I tread the fine line between exercise addiction and fun lover/party lifestyle fairly well. This blog will be about me and my preparation to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in February 2011 - and whatever else I feel like sharing with you....!
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2 Responses to 8 days to go….tasting success!

  1. teddytrek says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this blog. I have just signed up to climb Kilimanjaro in March 2012 for Help for Heroes, and although I’ve always been active, you’re posts hit home how hard it is and how physically but prehaps more important mentally fit you have to be. Can I ask, what was the best/worst item that you packed? And also the best/worst part of the trip. If you were to do it again, is there anything different you would do?

    to boost fundraising I’ve set up a website selling personalised teddys and started to organise lots of events such as bingo nights etc. Was there anything that you found worked well?

    • sarknight says:

      Hi Jenny, thanks for your message. It’s an awesome experience, you’ll love it I’m sure – I’d love to be doing it again. In terms of training, just focus on walking as much as you can. As long as you’re reasonably fit you’ll be fine – so don’t go overboard. Keep healthy in the week before the trek, sleep and eat as much as you can.
      Things to take – ear plugs (really helped me to get some sleep), wet wipes, nappy sacks, antibacterial hand gel, warm hat, lots of snacks, a solar charger for your phone (if you’re an addict like me) walking poles I would say are essential for the summit climb and I wouldn’t have been without my icebreaker thermal – also, the fleece sleeping bag liner was absolutely amazing. My tent mate was freezing without one. WARM gloves and a glove liner. Summit night is cold! Croc’s although I didn’t have any – so lovely to put on warm socks and something comfy on your feet after a long day walking – I just had my walking boots. I was so grateful for the fleece jacket I had with me to wear in the evenings, take one if you can. Temperature really drops when the sun goes down.
      What I didn’t need to pack – summit socks, mine were useless. Wish I’d worn my normal trek socks that night.
      Wish I’d charged my ipod fully for the summit climb, think it would have made the difference to my mood that night!
      The worst bit for me was the summit climb, but it is for most people. It’s a long night made harder by the cold and the altitude. Hang in there, you’ll get to the summit. Keep your mind busy and positive. It’s just the most incredible experience ever – wishing you the very best of luck! Sarah 🙂
      ps, if you want to talk some more – sarah@sarahwestrecruit.co.uk

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