10 days to go……where’s Sarah?!!

It’s not every day that someone offers to make you an iPhone application! I had a call on Friday from one of the geeks the Directors my good friends at Unity 5, the team there have been so impressed with my fundraising for Sparks and my forthcoming adventure that they offered to make me an application that could track my progress up Kilimanjaro!


Using web and GPS technologies the plan is that I will be able to send a text message that will update a ‘Where’s Sarah?!!’ website, plot my location on a map and feature my message. It will also update my twitter account.

Cool eh!

There will be no getting away from me! Sorry to anyone that thought they would get a break from the mountain talk when I actually left the country to fly to Tanzania next week!!

I am assuming it will be a bit ‘Google Maps-esque’ and you’ll be able to zoom in on a map of sorts and read and see things like this…..

Plotted Location: Kilimanjaro airport
Message: Just landed, I’m here – boy it’s hot!


Plotted Location: 18,500 ft up Mount Kilimanjaro
Message: It’s -15 and I’m tired from walking for hours. Cant wait to reach the summit, nearly there!

The Unity 5 team have set themselves quite a task, with only 10 days until I go they really will be coding against the clock. I shall keep you posted on their progress and look forward to introducing you to the ‘Where’s Sarah?!!” site very soon.

Big note to self: Remember to turn off the application on your return to the UK…or else inadvertent updates could well be looking like this.

Location: Number 9 Bar
Saturday night 8pm
Message: Celebratory Wine going down nicely, great to be back after my adventure!

Location: Q Club
Saturday night 11.45pm
Message: I think there is something wrong with these shoes, I keep loosing my balance?

Location: Ali’s Kebab House
Sunday morning 02.00
Message: knnewlkn jkldfoij sk ;wihebnh hhtoi

Look forward to catching up with you tomorrow!
S 🙂

About sarknight

Director of a regional recruitment agency and passionate about my industry, local business and my work. Mother to 2 amazing children who inspire me on a daily basis to not only aim high, but to enjoy the little things in life too. I have a 'yes man' attitude to life and adventures, I love life and try to make the most of every moment and encourage others to do the same. I like to think I tread the fine line between exercise addiction and fun lover/party lifestyle fairly well. This blog will be about me and my preparation to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in February 2011 - and whatever else I feel like sharing with you....!
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