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2010: bucket lists and friendships.

I am doing what most of you probably are this week, I am reflecting a lot on the past 12 months and also starting to think about how I want 2011 to look! 2010 has definitely had it’s ups and … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming….

The snow and ice are seriously affecting training at the moment. My car has been sitting on my drive for a week and there are no signs that I am going to be able to move it in the near … Continue reading

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Christmas, it’s all about the children….

9 days until Christmas. Aaaaahhhhhh! At the time of writing, I have yet to get the Christmas decorations out the loft, still need to buy some cards to write and have only made a small dent in my Christmas shopping. … Continue reading

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7 go to Snowdonia

Snowdonia in Wales is utterly beautiful, I will assume that most people reading this post will have been there at some point. If you haven’t – you really must! The views are breathtaking, the air is wonderfully fresh and its … Continue reading

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Caution, exercise in progress.

On Sunday I went walking with Lee and his friend, also called Lee, over Woodbury Common. Talk about confusing, Lee, Lee and me! Woodbury Common is where the Royal Marines train, largely as its cold and pretty unfriendly terrain. It’s … Continue reading

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