How your money can make a difference!

My daughter, now a healthy 6 years old, was born with severe jaundice . I still shudder when I recall her screams in the neo natal clinic as the nursing staff fed a tube down her nose . Not being able to hold her properly for days was agonising and frightening. There was talk of a blood transfusion but thankfully she responded well to the treatment and after spending the first 10 days of her little life in hospital we were allowed to take her home with no long term effects to her health likely. The staff at both Honiton Hospital and The Royal Devon and Exeter hospital were absolutely amazing.

On average, 700,000 babies are now born in the UK every year. 1 in 30 will have a condition or disability that may affect them for life.

SPARKS is one of the few charities that funds high quality medical research into the wide range of conditions that can affect the good health of babies and children.

They support vital medical research that will increase the life expectancy of newborn babies and reduce the health risks for babies born prematurely . They work to combat common and rare conditions such as spina bifida and cerebral palsy and neuroblastoma cancer and develop more effective treatments for conditions affecting babies and young children.

They spend considerable time researching lots of things you would have heard of such as asthma, arthritis, bowel and blood disorders and lots of things you may not have heard of , such as Xenon gas treatment and Medulloblastoma.

Baby Riley Joyce was born earlier this year and had no pulse and was not breathing at birth. Thanks to research funded by Sparks he was the first child to be given Xenon gas treatment, which is used to cool the brain and prevent brain injury. After the treatment it was confirmed that Riley had pulled through without any damage to his brain despite his body being starved of oxygen . He is now doing well and his parents, David and Sarah Joyce, are extremely grateful as you can imagine. You can read the full story here

The money that you donate could be used to fund research into pre-eclampsia, cot death, arthritis and eye disease, premature birth or heart disease…..the list could go on and on.

Your money will not be funding the cost of my trip to Kilimanjaro as I am paying for that with corporate sponsorship and my own money!

Twenty pounds could either buy you a ‘ take away ‘ tonight, or it could fund an hours work by a midwife identifying mothers who are at risk from developing pre-eclampsia, a serious complication of pregnancy .

Your support would be so welcome. Please click here to make a donation to this worthy cause.


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Director of a regional recruitment agency and passionate about my industry, local business and my work. Mother to 2 amazing children who inspire me on a daily basis to not only aim high, but to enjoy the little things in life too. I have a 'yes man' attitude to life and adventures, I love life and try to make the most of every moment and encourage others to do the same. I like to think I tread the fine line between exercise addiction and fun lover/party lifestyle fairly well. This blog will be about me and my preparation to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in February 2011 - and whatever else I feel like sharing with you....!
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