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How your money can make a difference!

My daughter, now a healthy 6 years old, was born with severe jaundice . I still shudder when I recall her screams in the neo natal clinic as the nursing staff fed a tube down her nose . Not being … Continue reading

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Would I recommend you climb Kilimanjaro? No, said John!

This week I was introduced, via a friend and the power of social media, to John Thurston. John has just got back from climbing Kilimanjaro. I have literally just spoken to him about his experience and I am now even … Continue reading

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Enjoying the ride

At the last minute this weekend, my plans changed. With extra time on my hands I decided to go for a run on Saturday morning, even though I really didn’t feel like it. I was hoping a good run might … Continue reading

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Fundraising – the real mountain to climb!

I found out this week that 2 of the team have dropped out of the Kilimanjaro trek. To the best of my knowledge its nothing to do with their enthusiasm for the adventure or their fitness levels, but to do … Continue reading

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